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Live video from Ardrossan Blue Tit Nest Box camera

A nest box for a family of Blue Tits in Ayrshire, Scotland. If the 'Angelcam advertising man' appears, click "Continue" bottom right to see the nestcam - might need to click it a few times. On mobile devices, you might need to click the white X at top left of screen first. 2020 information - 10 April: A pair have been eyeing up the box for a few days. 24 April - some nest material starting to appear. 30 April - an egg appeared today. 5th May - 3 eggs visible. 6th May - 4 eggs. Eggs should hatch in approx 14 days. 20th May - 4 eggs visible at 0830; 1 chick hatched before lunchtime and 2nd chick hatched late afternoon. 21st May - all four chicks have now hatched. 11th June: All four babies fledged between 6 and 7am this morning.